Noori Hope

An exile of the Imori who has found a new home.


Age- 81
Height- 5’3"
Skin Tone- Tan
Eyes- Yellow
Hair- Dark cumulonimbus, worn long
Facial Details- Wears red warpaint in battle, has a cut in her lip from being thrown onto her wolf’s antlers while learning to ride

Bard (College of Valor) 3, Monk 1
Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Noori is secretive and self-centered, but feels strongly about those things which resonate with her. She learned to take care of herself from a young age, and doubled down on the isolation and fear she experienced as an orphan of war after being cast out from her people. Noori views herself as a guardian of the lost and the lonely, but struggles to truly put them above herself, in a pinch. She enjoys a strong drink, a good party, and the company of strong warriors, but struggles to become attached enough to anyone to not leave them, when things get really tough – she learned early that no one was going to take care of her, but herself.


Noori Hope