Anton Olivarus Falkim (Oli)

Hero, Charmer, All-Around Party Guy


Character Details

Race- Human
Class- Ranger (Lvl 3)
Background- Sailor
Alignment- Chaotic-Neutral

Physical Description

Age- 26
Height- 5’11"
Weight- 200 lbs
Skin Tone- Tan
Eyes- Green
Hair- Medium Length Black
Facial Details- Scar above left eye, Black Goatee


  • Sly
  • Sarcastic
  • Dodgey
  • Confident
  • Cocky
  • Fun-Loving
  • Don’t Let People In
  • Honor Among Thieves

Hasaad Gradine

  • Dodgey (emotionally)
  • Rarely Serious
  • Alcoholic
Weapons of Choice
  • Dual Shortswords
  • Repeater Rifle
  • Shortbow (for when Tact and Stealth are appreciated)

The Man, The Myth, The Legend


“My journey has been…interesting.”

Anton Olivarus Falkim, or Oli as he prefers to be called, is a strong man with humble beginnings. He was born a bastard child to a poor woman in the Lower Ward of Tethyrian. Lovingly raised by his mother, Jalana, he took up a job squiring for a wealthy family in The Golden Circle, the top tier of the city, where only the elite get to live. After the man of the house took a liking to Oli, he taught him how to duel with finesse and precision. But the man was not the only person who took a liking to the boy. The man’s daughter, Ellise, took interest in the boy and the two became best friends. Ellise taught the poor boy how to read and write. The two grew up with each other over the next few years and, during the peak of their teenage years, became intimate. One day, her father caught them together and shunned the boy away.

Oli became Blacklisted among the other noble families and struggled to find a job to help support his mom and him.To make matters worse, there was a plague called The Black Vermin Plague sweeping through the poorer neighborhoods of the city. Anton’s mother became ill and died a slow painful death in front of the poor boy. Angered by their betrayal of such a devout and beautiful follower, Oli cursed the Gods and never looked back. With no money left and no home, Oli wandered the streets stealing food, clothes, and anything he needed to make it through the day.

One day, Oli made his way to the docks to swipe some fresh produce that arrived earlier that morning. As he reached his hand into a barrel to swipe some fruit, he was apprehended by a teenage boy about his age. The lads name was Hasaad, and he took him to his father, the First Mate of the ship. The man asked Oli about his life, and upon hearing the boys struggles, had a change of heart. When they took Oli in front of the Captain, Captain Wilhelm Castred, Hasaad’s father, Razhim Gradine, argued to spare the child any capitol punishment. The captain agreed, with the stipulation that the boy work for them to make an “honest” living. Oli accepted, and became a crew-hand aboard the Spirit Upon the Break.



“What does any young sailor want when he is on shore leave? Cheap ale, cheaper women, and to get a little rowdy.”

Though starting off as a man who cared only for himself and his best friend Hasaad, Oli has gradually taken on a leadership role and has seemingly had a change of heart since landing on the island. Though a few of his intentions still remain unknown, it seems as though he truly cares for the people of Hope Landing, and is willing to die to protect them.

Love Interests

“I wouldn’t exactly say we are an Item.”

Since arriving on the island, Oli has had only one love interest, Maywind. Their relationship was/is “shaky” at best. Though originally denying any type of relationship with her besides a physical one, she grew on him and the idea of something more than just physical intimacy grew on him. This idea was shattered when she had a threesome with 2 of his companions during a nervous breakdown. They have since talked things over, and are now currently friends again, although Maywind has been hinting for more.

Hated Enemies

“Keep your friends close…”

Oli typically is laid back and views each person with the same speculations as the next. However, the only type of people he cannot stand are people who feel entitled because they were born into wealth or they had the right connections.
Though his relationships with a few people started out rough, Oli has worked (most of) them out. Arvinmal, the local “savage leader” as he called him, got off on the wrong foot with him, due to personality clashes. They have since worked it out and now have a mutual respect for one another, although that doesn’t mean they don’t still bicker.

Though Diogenese gained a small bit of respect back when he butchered a man in order to save him, Oli hates almost everything about the man. His incessant praising of his God, his lack of negotiation when it comes to dealing with evil beings, and the whole threesome thing, really have put strain on their relationship. Not to mention that now they share 2nd in command of the Council. The only way that Oli copes with this situation is that he teaches Diogenese improper social cues and messes with him, with most jokes flying above his head.

Anton Olivarus Falkim (Oli)

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