Maywind Cole

Head Counselor of Hope Landing


Age- 20
Height- 4’8"
Skin Tone- Fair
Eyes- Green
Hair- Medium brown, straight
Facial Details- Freckles on cheekbones, left ear missing a sliver from the back

Personality: Maywind is serious and detail-oriented. She is humble and thorough, just as likely to second-guess and fact-check herself, as she is for anyone else – and she will. While not quite neurotic, she can be anxious, and sometimes seeks distractions to keep her fixations and stressors from overwhelming her already-overclocked brain. In conversation, she can seem curt and low-key, a problem of failing to translate the rich ideas in her mind into basic human communication, that often ends with her wanting to relay facts quickly and then escape back to independent work.

Ethics: She can be overly pragmatic, but she believes that dire times call for a revised standard, which ensures maximum survival or quality of life for as many as possible, at the expense of as few as possible. She respects the rule of law and concepts of morality, but understands that survival trumps both, and that sometimes suspending them is necessary.


“We ended one history and started another. Everyone who lives after us, will look back on this story. So forgive me if I cross my t’s and dot my i’s.”

Old World

Maywind is the daughter of Elman Cole, a minor Lord in the Court of White Lions, before the Fall of Altvelt. She excelled at her studies under private tutelage, but rarely saw her mother, whose chronic illness demanded isolation, or her father, who was tasked with managing and supervising throngs of refugees from other lands, fleeing the Fall.

The oldest of three children, she was also the only one to make it aboard the boat.

“It’s not tyrannical, if I ask nicely.”

Hope Landing

Forced into authority quickly, due to her father’s position on her ship, Maywind struggles to live up to the shadow of her father’s legacy, not just in reality, but also in her mind – an exaggerated standard, to be sure.

Though she quickly signed on to assist Liam Redmaine and Valen Wightwell in managing survivors and supplies, she quickly began to grow frustrated by Liam’s inefficiencies and Valen’s bleeding heart.

She has formed a tenuous relationship with Anton Olivarus Falkim, one of two adventurers dubbed “The Heroes of Hope’s Landing,” though many in the settlement seek her hand (a fact she is oblivious to).

Maywind Cole