Corrin Greenbottle

The mysterious hobbit hermit who can talk to animals.


Dressed in the finest multicolored robes that one might don while choosing to live in the near-desert wastelands, his apparel is on the verge of being ragged. He often carries a bindle stick that doubles as a walking stick, a geode, a scroll case filled with strange notes, and a mysterious tablet with runes that change when no one is watching. He has unkempt auburn hair and silver eyes, an unshaven face, and stands a quarter-foot taller than an average hobbit of his size, while being heavier set than most. While he does own a pair of sandals, like most of his kind he chooses to remain barefoot unless the social situation warrants change.


Corrin came from a life of seclusion from society with other like-minded individuals, a cabal of philosophers, historians, and archaeologists who searched for, and revered, The Unseen Wall, a legendary structure said to be carved with prophecies, advice, and cryptic sayings. Though the Wall was never found, this tradition shared by hobbits and dwarfs alike came with a great many suggestions on what The Unseen Wall reportedly had carved into it in the ancient and primordial days of the world.

Once, while working with his hermitage at a dig site, Corrin made an important discovery: a cracked tablet with runes that appeared to coincide with what was known about a portion of the wall. After a confusing few weeks, it was determined that the tablet’s carvings could change when they weren’t being observed. This led to periods of study and periods of intentional neglect to encourage the writing on the tablet to change. The prevailing theory is that the tablet shows some of the carvings on the wall, but only a tablet-sized portion of the wall at a time. It is believed that the writing’s edges have been seen, and a rough size and shape of the wall have been determined, and much of the information matches what it was believed the wall would say. Approximately eighty percent to ninety-five percent of the wall’s writings have been seen to this point, though Corrin always wondered if, perhaps, learning ll the secrets of the Unseen Wall would cause the tablet to flip to the wall’s other, undocumented side. His mad theory was received with much friendly cajoling before the world ended.

The tablet has taught him many secrets, and trained him to connect with the world in a certain way. The Unseen Wall has an agenda, and Corrin believes it to be benign, if not beneficial. He intends to follow out this agenda, and has been granted many gifts such as the ability to understand any language he reads or the ability to speak with animals.

Corrin is the tablet’s caretaker by virtue of being the one to locate it

Corrin Greenbottle

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